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Introduction of 10 kinds of common electric tools and their functions

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1、 Angle grinder


1. It is mainly used for steel and other metal parts grinding, such as cleaning surface flash, burr, rust, welding groove and weld grinding

2. It can be used for cutting thin-walled pipes and profiles

3. Special grinding wheel can cut brick, stone, cement and other building materials

4. It can remove rust and polish metal surface with special sand disc; polishing wheel can polish surface of various materials.

2、 Electric drill

Function: metal drilling, plastic drilling, wood drilling, brick and other components of drilling, take screws.

3、 Electric hammer

Function: it is mainly used for drilling holes on various concrete components

Function: drill / hammer drill / hammer

Hammer specification: the maximum diameter when processing 300 concrete (compressive strength is 3000-3500n / cm2) at 20 / 26 / 30 / 38

Electric hammer drill type / handle type:

Type A: auger / double keyway structure for general drilling

Type B: reamer / straight spline; -- large size electric hammer

Type C: reamer / hexagonal structure; --- large size electric hammer

4、 Plate swing sander

Function: it is suitable for fine sanding, waxing and polishing of wood structural parts, as well as sanding and sanding of interior and exterior wall decoration; it can also be used for rust removal and polishing putty in painting process in automobile and shipbuilding departments.

5、 Triangle swing sander

Triangle swing sander is composed of single-phase series excitation motor, transmission device, swing mechanism, triangle swing plate, power switch and power connection components.

Transmission device has bevel gear drive and flexible shaft drive. The swing mechanism is composed of eccentric shaft, triangle swing plate and eccentric block. The rubber cushion is connected with the swing plate with screws.

The triangle swing type sander is driven by the rotary motion of single-phase series excitation motor through gear or flexible shaft. The eccentric shaft driving device makes the swing plate of various particle size sandpaper or abrasive cloth swing in orbit circle to polish the working face.

In order to overcome the vibration of the eccentric shaft caused by unbalanced centrifugal force when rotating. A balance eccentric block is installed on the eccentric shaft, and the installation direction is 180 degrees to the eccentric direction of the eccentric shaft. The centrifugal force formed by the eccentric shaft driving the swing plate is equal to the unbalanced centrifugal force produced by the balance eccentric block, and the direction is opposite, so as to eliminate the vibration of the whole machine caused by the eccentric shaft.

Sand paper or cloth is bonded with rubber cushion by bonding method.

The triangular swing sander is designed and manufactured into class II electric tools. The single-phase series excitation motor is placed in the plastic shell, which is not only the structural part supporting the motor, but also the additional insulation of the stator core. The additional insulation of the rotor adopts the shaft insulation, so that the rotor core is electrically isolated from the exposed metal parts. Use and maintenance of hand held electric tools

The power switch is placed at the front end of the shell, which is not only convenient for the power supply of the operation tool, but also conducive to the control of the working tool, making it smooth and stable, and improving the sanding quality of the workpiece.

Function: because its working head is a triangular flat plate, it is suitable for sanding the parts of workpieces that are not easy to be grinded by flat sand

6、 Round sander

Function: similar to flat sand

Accessories: dust bag / tube, sandpaper

7、 Abrasive belt machine

Function: use high-speed rotating sand belt to polish the surface of wood, metal and other plane class

Specification: refers to the maximum width of sand belt

Structure: motor, belt driving device, belt tension device, base, adjusting knob, handle, auxiliary handle, power switch, power connection components, etc

Accessories: dust bag, carbon brush

8、 Wire saw

Function: it can cut geometric figure with smaller curvature radius on all kinds of boards according to various curves; it can cut wood, plastic, rubber, metal by replacing saw blade with different tooth shape

9、 Electric planer

Function: planing wood or wood structural parts

Structure: motor, transmission mechanism, planing tool, adjusting mechanism, switch, housing, handle, power line

Planer: disposable blade / grindable blade

Classification of electric planer: the maximum width * maximum depth of planer is 82 * 2 82 * 3

10、 Electric wood mill

Function: it is mainly used to mill holes, grooves, edges and tenons of various shapes on wood

Structure: motor, elastic chuck, disc base, speed control switch, power connection components

Specification: classified according to the diameter of assembly milling cutter